The London Classic Car Show / Historic Motorsport International – Complete Event Marketing Campaign

The London Classic Car Show was a new entry on the old-car show scene back in 2015, but taking on the established old guard is quite a task; the event marketing needed to be different, distinctive, unique. Sadly, organizer Brand Events didn’t get that in year one, so turned to Red Giant thereafter for all its event marketing needs. We devised a striking image blending studio photography with a hand-coloured background to create a unique style, and then applied the same look and feel to all marketing collateral – from animated web banners to Christmas-gift ticket wallets, six-sheet posters to train panels, along with a multitude of press ads at varying sizes. Such was the success of the campaign (not to mention the service provided… actually, yes, we will mention the fast-turnaround service we provided!), Red Giant was retained for 2017 (which saw the introduction of Historic Motorsport International – a sister show needing its own event identity and maketing campaign materials), and again for 2018. We’re big on long-term relationships.

  • The Restaurant Show
  • Polo in the Park
  • The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration
  • Grand Auto