Magazines & Publishing

  • The Art Newspaper
  • Goodwood Magazine
  • IAPB Vision Atlas
  • Aston Martin Book
  • The Wine Show
  • The Kennel Club Annual Report
  • Jessica Brown Book
  • Notre Dame Prospectuses
  • BBC F1 Season Preview Magazine
  • Taylor Bennett
  • Sladmore Contemporary
  • Top Gear Turbo Magazine & Card Game

Magazines & Publishing

We love magazines; designing them, writing them, editing them, publishing them, reading them. We are magazine junkies because we love magazine design. We have spent our entire working lives (well in excess of 100 man-years) working in the magazine business at all levels. We have published magazines for ourselves and for others; customer magazines, news-stand magazines and trade magazines. So, yes, it is fair to say we know a thing or two about magazine design and publishing.

We have huge experience on both the magazine editorial and commercial side, and have edited a great variety of magazines over the years – from education trade titles to Goodwood’s annual glossy Members’ magazine, used car buying guides to Formula 1 team magazines, event listings to classic car news-stand consumer publications. We write, edit, commission, design, and sell magazine advertising. And we’ve worked on a number of consumer title special projects, too, for the likes of Top Gear and Channel 4 – everything from one-off supplements to regular monthly columns.

Of course, publishing does not have to be magazine-related. Brochures, reports, books, newsletters and catalogues all fall within that ‘publishing’ catch-all. And we have huge experience in those too, in both print and digital. Pocket-sized guides, high-gloss large-format art books, annual corporate financial reports, school prospectuses – you name it, we can do it.

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