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Big Book of Top Gear

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The Big Book of Top Gear

Hardback 128-Page Book, designed for three years on the trot.
The best-selling book at Christmas in each year of publication.

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Additional BBC & Top Gear Projects

Other projects Red Giant has undertaken for the BBC and Top Gear
include programmes, supplements, partworks and co-published books.

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Top Gear Turbo

Bi-monthly Children’s Partwork, accompanied by
360-Card Collectable Trading-Card Game, conceived, created and designed by Red Giant.

Red Giant has enjoyed a fantastic track record with the BBC, especially in helping to boost the Top Gear brand beyond the small screen, where it has enthralled millions with its irreverent and often merciless humour. In conjunction with show’s scriptwriter, Richard Porter, we managed to capture the manic mockery and passion for motoring for which Top Gear is famous, producing the Big Book of Top Gear for three consecutive years; each new edition a best-seller that topped the UK pre-Christmas charts and tickled readers for many months afterwards.

Proving we can do witty banter as well as the best of them, the Top Gear challenges have continued apace, with a rock star-style programme for the Top Gear Live World Tour, branded magazine supplements and even a Top Gear partwork that echoed the TV show’s bedlam in a format more appealing to its younger fans. We even created an entire collectable trading-card game to go with it that The Guardian called ‘a lot of fun’. See, we don’t just do pretty pages!