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Book Publishing Projects

sports book design

Forza 4 Collector’s Edition

100-Page Hardback Limited-Edition Book for Top Gear and
Turn 10 Studios/Microsoft, Combining Software Renders with Real-Life Photography

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misfits book designmisfits book publisher
goodwood book designsports book copyrighting

Assorted Book Projects for Channel 4 and Goodwood

Fully designed 12-Page Blad for Misfits TV Series Spin-Off.
Editing and Commissioning for Goodwood Festival of Speed 10th Anniversary Celebratory Book.

Publishing is not just about putting ink on paper. It’s what you do with the ink, and what paper you use that makes a difference. But Red Giant’s book experience starts long before the presses roll. Content planning, editing, commissioning, subbing, design, production and print all come under our umbrella. Combining our keen eye for detail with a legendary creative flair, we’ve worked on books with clients as diverse as Goodwood to Microsoft, BBC to Taylor Bennett, Channel 4 to Top Gear. It’s not just the books, of course. Need a blad to promote your book idea? We can do that too.