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What We Do

web design for mobiles

When you boil it down, we make your brand, company or product look good. We help you to sell more, reflect, report or communicate your message. Whether this is through a printed corporate brochure, a ‘responsive’ website, a consistently branded HTML emailer, a book or a newsletter (or a combination of these), Red Giant makes your job easier. If your job is to communicate a message, we will listen to you, understand your brief and then get creative – visually, typographically, verbally and with great passion.

Think of Red Giant as a big message cleanser and amplifier. Imagine your starting point is a crackly old 78rpm record, or an early colour movie. We’ll clean up the noise, re-master the visual, make the content zing and turn the crackly original into a carefully mixed, full-on, hi-def, polyphonic masterpiece. Your message will go out loud and clear.

Print will of course always have its place, and we will never abandon our ink-on-paper roots. But technology moves on; here at Red Giant, we keep up with design/tech trends to ensure we can make you look good in pixels too. More and more people use mobile devices to access the internet, and communicate in general.

Did you know…

  • There are more mobile phones in the UK than people
  • By 2015, tablet sales will be higher than PC sales
  • 52% of UK mobile phone users have a smartphone
  • 28% of internet usage is from a mobile phone
  • Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in 2011 (two years earlier than expected)
  • Tablet sales are expected to hit 665 million world-wide by the end of 2016

…it’s stats like this that help us to focus your message, to ensure your brand looks its best, wherever it is seen.

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